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Memories Of Love

by Myles Sanko

  • Compact Disc (CD)

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    1 Where Do We Stand
    2 Rainbow In Your Cloud
    3 Whatever You Are
    4 Freedom Is You
    5 Broken
    6 Never My Friend
    7 In The Morning
    8 Streams of Time
    9 Who To Call
    10 Blackbird Sing
    11 Freedom Is You (Instrumental)
    12 Streams Of Time (Stripped Back)
    13 Whatever You Are (Stripped Back)

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  • Record/Vinyl

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    A1 Where Do We Stand
    A2 Rainbow In Your Cloud
    A3 Whatever You Are
    A4 Freedom Is You
    A5 Broken
    B1 Never My Friend
    B2 In The Morning
    B3 Streams of Time
    B4 Who To Call
    B5 Blackbird Sing

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“Memories Of Love” is the fourth full length album by soul singer & songwriter Myles Sanko following the acclaimed “Born In Black & White” (2013), “Forever Dreaming” (2014) and “Just Being Me” (2016). In ten stylishly recorded and arranged new songs “Memories Of Love” Myles Sanko captures the uplifting spirit from his numerous outstanding stage performances on the European jazz festival & club circuit of the last few years and transforms them into a stunning collection of modern soul music.

“This album is my most personal album yet”, says Myles Sanko. „Each song is a memory of love, a story of love, good or bad, happy or sad. Love is not always as we picture it in fairy tales but a work in progress for as long as we choose to love. Over the years I have written love songs and most of them have some reality in them but also a lot of fiction. Maybe this was because I wasn't truly ready to share that part of me in a way that I am defiantly more comfortable doing now. I'd say becoming a father has changed my outlook and made me a little more brave and accepting of myself”. One of the main reasons for the positive balance in sound and spirit of “Memories Of Love” are the musicians. Myles Sanko recorded the album together with the same band he was touring with over the last eight years. He produced it himself and co-wrote most music with long time bandmate Tom O'Grady (Resolution 88).

„Memories Of Love“ kicks off with "Where Do We Stand", a powerful soul symphony featuring striking brass and string arrangements. „This song is an outcry about my relationship with my father,” Myles Sanko explains. „Growing up he was never around because he worked so much and the nature of his job being a fisherman meant that he was always at sea. I never really expressed my true feelings to him about how that made me feel as a child.” "Rainbow In Your Cloud" is one of the songs fans will already be familiar with from some of his more recent concerts. „This song is a celebration of love. Letting everyone know that you've finally found meaningful love worth shouting about and expressing to the world. Even though your world might seem cloudy grey at times, don't you worry because there is a beautiful colourful rainbow inside ready to come out. I've been there, so I know.”

Same goes for "Whatever You Are", certainly a live favourite and a glorious piece of conscious soul music, spreading joy with gospel undertones, African patterns and an uplifting jazz feeling. „This song is about my son and for my son. It was inspired by a Martin Luther King speech, advising that no matter what you choose to be in life just be the best of whatever you are. The brightest star is just as dazzling as the mighty sun. It is now my turn to be a father and help guide the way and not get in the way.” "Freedom Is You" is the first single from „Memories Of Love“: „This is song about my relationship with music”, Myles Sanko remarks why this is the choice to introduce the new album to the world. „Music is my freedom, music gives me purpose, music makes me feel alive, music completes me and I will be forever grateful to have found it. If I had never found music I would have been truly lost and god only knows the person I'd be right now.”

„Memories Of Love“ takes a break to reflect about personal matters. „Broken“ tells a story which may be familiar to many of us: „It is a tale about the endurance of true love. My marriage has always had its ups and downs but the one thing I know is that the love I share with my wife is not broken and only need to be consistently nurtured.“ The next composition has an equally personal background, and it is one of these classic Myles Sanko ballads: "‘Never My Friend‘ is a reflection of my younger years, feeling that I will never find true love. I will move in and out of relationships hoping to fine this one person who would return the feelings I felt for them. To let me stay just a little longer in their bed and give just a little more than the physical attraction we shared.” “In The Morning" then tells us about another true memory of love: „This song is about my wife. When we first met, we would spend lazy weekend mornings side by side in bed doing nothing but being close to one another. It was within that space that I could really enjoy the awe of her endless beauty.”

With "Streams Of Time" the album calls to hold for a moment and think. Mixing soul with folk, jazz and gospel in a spectacular way, „Streams Of Time“ is one of the key songs on „Memories Of Love“: “This song is about not wasting time and letting the important people around you know that you love them. I feel I go through life so focussed on my goals that I forget to enjoy the here and now with the people I love. So before my time comes to an end I'd like to make peace with everyone I hold dear.” „This song is about finding someone to love that is just as strange, just as awkward, just as peculiar as you, that when you are together you feel like you at home no matter where it is“, Myles Sanko reveals about „Who To Call“, which puts a smile to your face as much as it is another memory of love everybody can connect with. The album ends with "Blackbird Sing" and perfectly rounds up the message: „This song is about the song of the blackbird. Anytime I hear the song of the blackbird it stops me in my tracks and opens a flood gate of happy, nostalgic memories of love. After the song is over, I go on about my day and look forward to my next encounter.”

“Memories Of Love” is an album full of dedication. The soul poetry of Myles Sanko is real, you can find a home in it and it has a healing effect. His journey took Myles Sanko to many stages, places and homes. With this album, it is certainly the most interesting and intriguing stop of this journey yet.


released March 24, 2021



Myles Sanko London, UK


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